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Peuterey Homme Down Ajouter Veste Profonde Gris

Peuterey Homme Down Ajouter Veste Profonde Gris


The purpose of this study was to assess the functional performance at a late stage and knee strength on the cases of people with unilateral anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture who underwent arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using bone-patellar tendon-bone autograft and interference screw fixation by followed rehabilitation.


15 volunteer patients (X=20X=20 months postoperative; X±SD age=26.9±5.9 years; age range 20–35 years, height=176.4±8.3cm, and weight= 77.7±10.3 kg) within 18–24 months after reconstruction participated in the study, as well as 15 healthy volunteers (X±SD age=27±6.2 years; age range 20–35 years; height=176.7±6.9 cm, and Woolrich Paris weight=76.7±5.7 kg) with similar characteristics that served as a control group. The cases were evaluated with functional tests including one-legged hop test, shuttle run, vertical jump, stairs running, stair hop test, figure-of-eight running test, and Tegner activity scale and isokinetic quadriceps/hamstrings muscles strength (at 60 and 180 deg/s using Cybex II dynometer). All patients and controls were males.


The tegner activity level was 6.8(1–10) for athletes and 6.7(1–10) for controls According Woolrich Parka to the scales significant difference was found in the activity level of the reconstruction group (p  <0.05). When the reconstructed and control groups compared with the limb symmetry index there were significant difference in one-legged hop test, shuttle run and stair hop test (p  <0.05). The highest correlation coefficients were recorded between the vertical jump test and quadriceps strength in the isokinetic test (p=0.56p=0.56). The resumption of sporting activities and work as evaluated by the Tegner activity level correlated with shuttle run test (p=0.57p=0.57) and stair hop test (p=0.70p=0.70) but did not correlate with one-legged hop test (p=0.13p=0.13).


This study concluded that functional tests are easy, economic and reliable for evaluating knee performance after ACL reconstruction and they can assist Magasin Woolrich En France the sports physiotherapists with the clinical application of a functional testing to an athlete following rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction.

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