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Woolrich Bruxelles Femme Artie Parka Blanc Extasié


The purpose Peuterey Online Shop of Peuterey Homme this paper is to present findings of an integrative literature review related to emotional intelligence (EI) and nursing.


A large body of knowledge related to EI exists outside nursing. EI theory and research within nursing is a more recent phenomenon. A broad understanding of the nature and direction of theory and research related to EI is crucial to building knowledge within this field of inquiry.


A broad search of computerized databases focusing on articles published in English during 1995–2007 was completed. Extensive screening sought to determine current literature themes and empirical research evidence completed in nursing focused specifically on emotional intelligence.


39 articles are included in this integrative literature review (theoretical, n = 21; editorial, n = 5; opinion, n = 4 and empirical, n = 9). The literature focuses on EI and nursing education, peuterey online shop EI and nursing practice, EI and clinical decision-making, and EI and clinical leadership. Research that links EI and nursing are mostly correlation designs using small sample sizes.


This literature reveals widespread support of EI concepts in nursing. Theoretical and editorial literature confirms EI concepts are central to nursing practice. EI needs to be explicit within nursing education as EI might impact the quality of student learning, ethical decision-making, critical thinking, evidence and knowledge use in practice. Emotionally intelligent leaders influence employee retention, quality of patient care and patient outcomes. EI research in nursing requires development and careful consideration of criticisms related to EI outside nursing is recommended.

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