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Doudoune Woolrich Paris Femme Parka Blizzard Veste Noir Éclat

Doudoune Woolrich Paris Femme Parka Blizzard Veste Noir Éclat

Aiming at a ‘sustainable’ agriculture in pioneer settlement areas: the ‘sedentarisation’ processes of family farming in the Amazon basin and in Argentina.

Scientific literature and popularising works stress on territory deconstruction Parka Woolrich Homme that can be observed on pioneer settlement fronts of Latin America and in particular they point at itinerancy of family farming. This paper, based on a research realised in West Amazon and Northeast Argentina, aims at incorporating in the analysis the construction processes of the territory, particularly the social and technical practices of farmers Woolrich Suisse that make possible the day-to-day life in these areas of settlement and the exploitation of their resources. The objective is to help conceiving development interventions fostering sustainable family Woolrich France farming and better articulated with the farmers' capacities for action.

Through localised case studies, we are studying social groups and knowledge that do and undo territory. Despite recent settlement, the analysis of local social links through kinship networks, technical dialogue networks and economic relationships between farmers, bring to the fore the existence of a local level of organisation of family farming. The emphatic representation of local knowledge about land management shows the existence of a farmer's technical logic and rhetoric, locally coherent very dynamic and diverse, from one place to another. Even the study of the social integration between farmers of development inventions put in evidence a local ability to connect with external sources of information, power and resources, although in a clientelist way.

This local level, including its functional relationships with far away actors (bank, sellers, extension workers, urban residents, etc.), appears as essential for all intervention aiming at profesionnalization and stabilisation of family farms trough negotiated development and technical advising. In conclusion we analyse the different levels of co-ordination of actions where an articulation between extension workers and farmers can take place as concerns land management practices, i.e. the levels of voluntary territorial construction.

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