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Distributeur Woolrich Femme Luxury Boulder Profonde Bleu Autour

The cancellation of surgery is a significant drain on health resources. However, a persistent problem in most hospitals is short notice cancellation of scheduled operations, even upto the day of surgery. In some cases, patients have been prepared for surgery, and the staff is assembled and expecting to operate. In UK 8% of scheduled elective operations are cancelled within 24 hours of surgery. The reasons include cancellation by the patient, cancellation for poorly optimized medical conditions, or cancellations due to poor organization. Many of these are difficult to quantify. However, one relatively easily measured factor is the possibility that some operating lists were Woolrich Paris predictably over-booked. An operating list may over-run because of delayed starts, slow turnover, unanticipated surgical/anaesthetic problems or staff shortages. Many of these are difficult to quantify.

Background and objective

Prince Sultan Cardiac center is one of the largest referral center in the Middle East and there is no published data on the reasons for cancellation Parka Woolrich Ebay of specifically cardiac procedures. However, an audit was performed to assess the reasons for the cancellation of the cases on the day of surgery in cardiac theatres. According to one of the studies published in an Australian journal the percentage of cancelled cardiothoracic cases was determined to be 15.8%.


Total number of cardiac surgical patients including pediatric and adult during a period from June 2008 to May 2009 were 2191. Out of those, 1681 cases were done during the study period, 510 (23.27%) cases were cancelled during the study period. The operation theatre was functional for 331 days during the study period. Cancellations done by the surgeons were 34% while the patient’s related cancellations were 32%. The administrative issues contributed to 34% in overall cancellation and anaesthetist-related cancellation were 0%.


We estimated 22% of the elective operations which were cancelled on the day of surgery were potentially avoidable. There is still a need Magasin Woolrich En France to do further research to look for the identifiable reasons and strategic measures to eliminate the reasons for cancellation on the day of surgery.

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